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The Number One Most Effective Weight Loss Tool

Posted on: June 6, 2010

And it barely costs you a cent!  Time and time again, this method has been proven absolutely effective for slow, steady weight loss.

All you need is pen and paper.  That’s right – you’re going to write down every single morsel of food and drink you put in your mouth.  The dreaded food diary.

Really, it keeps you honest.  Yeah, it’s totally tedious, but it reminds you not to pick up those “little bits” that add up to several hundred calories by the end of the day.  (Hey, I do it, too!)  And after several days of logging your intake, you can see if there are any patterns.  Do you have any times of day that are particularly bad?  If you always reach for chocolate at 3pm to de-stress, is there a chance of going outside for a 15-minute walk, instead?

Aside from finding emergent bad patterns, keeping a food diary makes you think twice about everything you do, food-wise.  In my opinion, there really is nothing else that keeps you from the little indulgences, other than cutting out entire food groups.  But even with a diary, it’s all right to log a small piece of candy.

While I don’t currently maintain a food diary, I do log my food intake for a week a few times a year, mostly to study my eating patterns at the time.  Writing down everything I ate was definitely instrumental in my nearly 100-pound weight loss in the early ‘90’s.

What kind of success have you all had with keeping food diaries?  What juicy secrets have they revealed?  Or, have you found a better technique?

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