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My Ten-Year Time Capsule – or, I Actually Met Long-Term Goals!

Posted on: June 13, 2010

Yesterday, my husband was sorting through boxes of old stuff. He found a print-out of an email I’d sent to him when I was feeling directionally stuck. It was 2000, I’d just left a bad internet startup, I was lost in life and didn’t know where to go next. So, out of frustration, I decided to write a list of long-term goals for myself.

When I read this list last night, much to my shock… I’ve accomplished almost everything on the list! The two things that I haven’t done are things that I’ve tried, and since decided they weren’t right for me.

Interestingly, even though I regularly worked out at the time, none of my goals were fitness-related. And all of my goals related to me and to my husband – I had no lofty ambitions to save the world. I guess I wanted to make sure I was happy with myself, first.

Among my July 2000 goals:

  • Try and teach a few college classes. Starting in 2001, that was my main career for a while – I’ve taught at six different schools!
  • Get paid for a few freelance writing articles, which is something I’m doing regularly, right now.
  • Drive cross-country with my husband – we’ve done Chicago to Seattle, not quite the whole way, but a lot!
  • Buy and learn a few more musical instruments and improve my sax skills. I’ve played my alto and tenor sax with a few bands here, and I regularly play my harp.
  • Live overseas to learn the language and culture. Heh, thought it would never happen, but tagged along with hubby on his biz school quarter abroad 2 years ago! Unfortunately the Danes just spoke English when I tried to practice my smattering of Danish…
  • I also had a goal of moving away from my family, which was a big deal. But I did end up moving out of state, after thirty years in California.

A week after I wrote this “goals” list, I totally forgot about it. I think this proves that I really do have a core set of values that make me happy! Whether or not I’m reading a list of goals, I orient my life toward these values.

I recently started writing another goals list, and since my career now involves fitness, so do my goals. This time, my goals are more far-reaching, including things such as helping a third-world entrepreneur get started, and starting my own 5K charity race. Not something I’ll accomplish tomorrow, but hopefully within the next 5 years. Hold me to it! On the other hand, ten years ago, I never thought I’d own a fitness business (happy first birthday today, Port-A-Pilates!). I’d love to hire more help and make my role location-independent (yes, I’ve read too much Tim Ferriss!). And one of these days, I’ll do a perfect yoga handstand.

What are your goals for the next month, or year, or next five years? Write them down, fitness-related or otherwise. Tell others about your goals. They will ask you how you’re doing and keep you on task! Making progress keeps us happy!

3 Responses to "My Ten-Year Time Capsule – or, I Actually Met Long-Term Goals!"

How cool is it that you have accomplished so much. Congratulations! Just today I took a blogging workshop at a local library here in south Florida and am excited to start my own blog. My goal is to have a nice and interesting blog that motivates others-just like yours! I will give myself one month to get it all in order. I think this is do-able. Thanks for a wonderful page and keep up the good work 🙂

Hi anty25!
Thanks for the comment! I believe that anyone is capable of accomplishing what they want, and that’s what motivated this post. I’m glad I could help motivate you! 🙂
FYI, one suggestion I have is to write several weeks of content ahead of time. This way, in case life overwhelms you, you can still maintain a regular posting schedule. Before I made this blog live, I had written 2+ months of material. I’m still able to stick to my three posts per week, and I do rely on copying and pasting from my “stash” sometimes!
Best of luck to you, and if you have any questions about getting started, don’t hesitate to ask!

Awesome! Thank you for the valuable info 🙂

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