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Something Old, Something New — Measure Your Progress!

Posted on: June 20, 2010

You’re losing weight and inches — good going! Sorting through the ol’ closet, you find that there are a few items of clothing that are a little droopier than they used to be. What do you do with them?

Conventional wisdom says – good riddance! Toss ‘em out. If you hang on to those old clothes, it’s as if you’re giving yourself permission to go back to your previous proportions. The idea that “well, if I have a week of bingeing with the girls followed by the Caribbean cruise, I can then go back to my fat clothes without having to spend money on yet another whole new wardrobe all over again.”

True, true. There’s definitely something to be said for getting rid of the larger attire, a financial incentive to stay trimmer. But hear me out: I recommend that you keep one, maybe two, of your “big” items of clothes – preferably something more form-fitting, such as a pair of pants. Why? It can be used as a measure of your progress as you lose weight. If you’re having a particularly down-in-the-dumps day, put on your biggest pair of pants, and remind yourself of the progress you’ve made thus far. I can guarantee you that you’ll feel slim and trim in comparison. See? I bet you already have a smile on your face.

Besides, when you’ve successfully kept your weight off for five years, and a weight loss company calls you and wants you to be their spokesperson, you want to have a pair of old pants to show in the ads for a comparison point, right? 😉

What are your favorite ways to measure your weight loss progress, other than the scale?

1 Response to "Something Old, Something New — Measure Your Progress!"

Good idea. For a while i was getting rid of “old”clothes, donating them to the local Cancer Society chapter in memory of Mom. But it is a good reminder about small successes.

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