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Hey, Look What I’ve Done!

Posted on: June 29, 2010

Some days, it seems like life is a never-ending to-do list. And when you look at that list, it feels like we get farther and farther underwater. Worse yet, you’re trying to fine-tune your healthy choices, adding more exercise and fresh veggies into the mix. Doesn’t it just make you feel so far behind the curve?

Hang on! Before you drown in a pint of ice cream, I have a better exercise for the soul. Take out a piece of paper and a pen. Or pencil. Or crayon – whichever you prefer. Think back over the past six months, and write down all of your accomplishments. Come on… we all have them! I’m not just talking about health and nutrition-related accomplishments – anything that just makes ya feel good. You were the best salesperson in your department last quarter? Hey, awesome! You drank two of your big waterbottles every day last month? Rock on! Anything that makes you feel good about yourself, just write it down! Now, look back over your list and realize… hey, I have accomplished a lot of great stuff over the past several months!

This is a great tool for any of us when we’re feeling stuck in a rut, worthless, and gloomy. It just might provide you with the boost of positivity you need to get yourself going on the right path again!

Now, it’s your turn: if anyone wants to brag about their spectacular accomplishments below, here’s your space!

7 Responses to "Hey, Look What I’ve Done!"

A lot of people replace their to do lists after a few things have been crossed off. I like to keep them for a while, adding new things and still leaving a lot of crossed off items. The chunk of crossed off items lets me feel more balanced, instead of just seeing the things I still need to do.

I certainly need things that make me feel more balanced… 😉 But seriously, this is true. It shows our list of accomplishments, rather than getting to the end of the day and bemoaning that we got “nothing done”/

I love this idea! You’re right, we have all accomplished something worth being proud of. I’m going to make my list. With a crayon 🙂

Make sure you use hot pink, or something really sassy! 😉

Yesss, for once I can say I have quite a few things to be proud of!

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