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How Do You Feel? (Or, Improve Your Exercise Motivation)

Posted on: July 4, 2010

Fill in this blank for me: Exercise makes me ______.

A lot of us have multiple answers. I know I do. But what are your top three? Be honest.

When I first started exercising, most of mine were superficial or negative. Exercise makes me want to eat more (so, what’s the point, then?). Exercise burns more calories so that I can eat more. Exercise makes me more attractive to the opposite gender.

And you know what? All that really does is make me view exercise as another chore on my daily checklist. Sometimes I enjoyed it, but it was just another “hafta do”.

Over the years, I’ve changed my attitude. I’ve realized that there are things that my body can do that I wouldn’t have been able to do if it weren’t for my regular exercise routine. Exercise is empowering to the body, mind, and soul. To me, exercise equals freedom. Exercise makes me strong. Exercise makes me feel like I can accomplish more today than I could yesterday. Exercise reminds me that I should make better food choices, so that I don’t undo all of the good that I have done for myself.

Exercise has helped me check in with my deeper feelings. And it makes me feel good, when I routinely do it. Chances are, if your motivation is more intrinsic than extrinsic, you’ll be more inspired to hit the stairclimber, too. So, take a few seconds to check in with your feelings! You’ll be ready to take over the world n no time at all!

How does exercise make you feel?

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