You Can Get Fit!

Don’t Look Back

Posted on: July 25, 2010

Regret is almost always a useless emotion.

I spent a lot of my childhood and teenage years inactive and severely overweight. Now, in my 30’s, I am a lot more active and choose (mostly) healthy foods. Sure, I have times when I look back and think of what I missed out on when I was younger—all of the long walks and hiking with friends, the other kids that ostracized me for my size… but what use would that be? I can’t change yesterday. Today, I will be the best me I can be.

Since none of us can change the past (at least the last time I checked), why not focus our energies on moving forward and making our future better? So, yesterday, you pigged out on fries. Eh, it happens. I do it, too, now and then. Today, you can spend extra time at the gym, or you can eat a nice bowl of fresh berries as your dessert instead of that evil i.c. (I won’t say it), or go for a long walk to enjoy the sunshine. Just try not to wallow in your yesterdays, because all it does is make you feel more negative!

What are you all going to do to make today even better than yesterday?
I’m spending the afternoon playing in the sunshine with my band, and sharing live music with Seattle. Go do it!

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