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Get Up, Stand Up!

Posted on: July 27, 2010

It’s the end of the day. Where are your shoulders?

Are they droopy and rounded forward? If they are, does your posture make your back and neck ache?

At the risk of sounding like your mother… stand up straight! It will actually ease the tension in your muscles when your body is aligned properly. Also, if you’re hunched over, imagine the awkward pressure that’s being placed on your internal organs. And when you sit or stand tall, you actually look thinner! (I bet you all just straightened up, huh? Yep, that one’s always a motivator.)

So, how do we stand up straight?

Let’s start by floating the crown of your head toward the ceiling, trying not to let your chin jut forward or tuck backward too much. Your shoulders should relax away from your ears. Whether you are sitting or standing, your pelvis should be in a neutral position—that is, your hip bones and your pubic bone should line up in the same vertical plane. Hopefully when this happens, your tailbone is neither sticking out too far behind you (like Donald Duck) nor tucked under you too far.

There is some natural curvature to your spine, so we aren’t aiming to entirely flatten it out, but try to deemphasize the rounded shoulders that plague many of us by the end of the day.

If you spend a lot of time in an uncomfortable chair, sometimes placing a small cushion in the curve of your lower back can help with support, and can actually help you sit taller. Keep the cushion small, though. Oftentimes, just a small washcloth folded up can do the trick!

So, try it out, maybe only a few hours a day to get used to the great posture that you’ve been neglecting for years. I promise you that over time, runway model perfect posture will come naturally!

4 Responses to "Get Up, Stand Up!"

You’re so right! I’ve seen a few pics of myself where I have the most terrible posture, but luckily since I have been doing yoga it’s been getting better 🙂

Hi, Anne!

I spent a lifetime with mediocre posture, which I never thought would get better. Then, I started on yoga and Pilates, and naturally, my posture is good, without thinking about it! Magic, eh?

When I round my shoulders I actually feel more tired than when I focus and relax my shoulders in a correct position. Thanks for the reminder.

Yep! We think it might take more effort to sit upright, but it actually creates more space for our lungs and allows them to fill with more fresh air. 🙂 My theory is that this makes us feel more rejuvenated!

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