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For The Love Of… Chocolate!

Posted on: August 8, 2010

Mmmmm, chocolate. Wait, isn’t this a health blog? Well, yes, but I say that when we restrict our favorite goodies too much, at some point, the dam has to burst. You know the drill: you hold back on your prized food for months (cue halo above head), but when you lift your ban, you end up eating metric tons. Not a healthy behavior pattern.

So, why not learn to really, truly enjoy a small amount? This is easy with chocolate, which naturally melts at body temperature into smooth luxury. (Ooooohhh, you hungry, yet?) Rather than scarfing down the no-name brand sub-par chocolate bar that just leaves you wanting another, why not invest in something better quality? (You aren’t going to eat the whole thing in one sitting, so you might come out ahead, in the end.) Break or cut off a small piece of the chocolate. Sit somewhere relaxing with no distractions. Place the chocolate on your tongue, and enjoy the sensation of it melting. Experience all of the flavor: depending on your chocolate, it may be more smoky, or fruity, or coffee-like. What I’m saying is–experience the moment, savor the chocolate, and you will satisfy your taste buds as well as your mind.

I challenge you to take this a step farther and savor not only your chocolate, but also other foods that you tend to snarf down in a New York minute. You will appreciate more. You will enjoy more. I imagine you will consume fewer calories in the end, and your GI tract will probably appreciate you, as well.

If your favorite treat is not chocolate, fill in the blank with whatever floats your boat. Try it out, and tell me what you think by commenting below!


1 Response to "For The Love Of… Chocolate!"

When I take my time allowing the chocolate to melt in my mouth, I can enjoy all the flavors, especially if the chocolate is mixed with, say, mint or has a soft center. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water.

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