You Can Get Fit!

Invest In Yourself!

Posted on: August 10, 2010

Times have been tough recently. Whether or not you’re employed, you’ve probably been cutting back on unnecessary expenses. Yet during times like this—or, might I argue, any time—the best investment is yourself, and your health. Financial turmoil puts us under more stress than we realize, and there are inexpensive ways that we can take care of ourselves.

1. Cook for yourself. Believe it or not, eating healthy can be cheap, if you play your cards right. If you have internet access (you’re reading this, I’m guessing you do), there are plenty of websites (hmmm, like this one?) that list healthy recipes, many of them containing inexpensive ingredients. I never knew the versatility of lentils and beans until the past few years! Also, if you cook your own meals, you know exactly what ingredients are in there—healthy and yummy!

2. Go on walks.
If you are unemployed, you may have some spare time in the middle of the day to get out for some fresh air. Enjoy the sunlight on your face and arms. Take a look at the plants, trees, and flowers around you. Experience life outside of four walls. And burn a few calories, too! (If you have a family member or good friend available to walk, all the better!)

3. Use your library. And I’m not just talking pulp fiction. Is there a subject you’ve always wanted to learn about? Now you have the time! And it’s at little monetary investment.

4. Laugh. Laughter stimulates the immune system, burns calories, and just makes us feel good! Meet up with a friend, rent a funny movie, read the funnies in the paper, or go to your favorite funny website.

In any case, I promise you that if you keep your spirits lifted (no… not THAT kind of spirits), you’ll be more likely to impress potential new employers. If nothing else, you’ll be healthier and happier!

Anything else to add, y’all?

1 Response to "Invest In Yourself!"

All are good. I think that you have covered the most important if not all.

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