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Positive Thinking and Weight Loss

Posted on: August 15, 2010

Positive thinking can help our weight loss, and negative thinking can hamper it, on many levels.

Just a few weeks back, I caught myself in a negative thought pattern about my weight. Oh, I put on a few pounds with family in town, and my birthday’s a week after that. What’s the point? Luckily, I’ve been down this road enough times, and I caught myself, reminding myself that a week is plenty of time to get a lot of exercise and healthy eating, doing some damage control between the two festive events.

On a larger scale, many people don’t even start down the road to weight loss because they don’t believe they can. They’ve never been successful before, they don’t have support, they’re too this or that… they just CAN’T. (I know, because that was ME in high school!) I betcha if you took a different tack, maybe a slightly different approach, just a positive attitude will help you make it through! In my healthy eating and weight loss, I try to get rid of the “n apostrophe t”s. Even if you don’t lose at the rate that you want, you’re making better choices and improving your body’s overall health!

So, every time you’re down on yourself and believing that you lack willpower or the strength to make a change, believe that you CAN. Maybe today, you’re making a small change, but it’s a change, nonetheless. When the initial small changes eventually become habits, we work on new small changes… over time, you will become an entirely new person! Look out, world!

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