You Can Get Fit!

Never Give Up!

Posted on: August 22, 2010

You know that feeling when you first start out on (or recommit to) your diet and exercise routine? Excitement! You’re the first person at the gym every morning. You smugly shun the vending machine at work. You gladly quaff two bottles of water every day.

And then…….. you know the drill. For so many of us, drudgery sets in, and enthusiasm wanes. How do we keep our perspective fresh and keep our healthy habits going?

One thing I like to do is make concrete goals. So, instead of “I’ll go to the gym more often”, say “I’ll go to two yoga classes per week and run 45 minutes three times a week”, or whatever exercise routine suits you. It’s easier to accomplish a specific goal when you’ve laid it out.

Also, make sure you’re being realistic with your goals. The media is not our friend, here. Magazines at grocery checkout stands constantly remind us how thin the new, hot young celebs are, and just follow their diet plan… right. First of all, many of those profiled have enough money to afford the best food and the best gyms, and most of them are under 30. Not to use this as an excuse (after all… look at Madonna!), but try not to constantly compare your body to those of the teenage heartthrobs! Take-home message here: only compare yourself to YOU. Are you doing better than last year? Great! Keep on going!

Bottom line: don’t let boredom or unrealistic goals keep you from being your very best every day!

How do you all break through the doldrums? Share your inspirational ideas!

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