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The Snowball Effect: Small Commitments Add Up

Posted on: August 29, 2010

If you’re like I was when I first (or second, or third) started my healthy lifestyle change, I was afraid of making the complete overhaul. You know how it goes: “if I commit to dieting, how can I go and have drinks with the girls on Thursdays, and have pizza with my friends on Saturdays?” And then, you end up rationalizing yourself out of the whole thing, because it’s not worth giving up your social obligations.

I hear you. Social time is important to squeeze in these days, and you shouldn’t give it up! Thing is, your healthy changes and your social time – even if you have daily social outings – don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Here’s the deal: if you commit to changing one meal a day to something healthier, you’re already better off than you were before, right?

So, let’s say that your office goes out to lunch every day, and you don’t want to suddenly turn into the hermit. Fair enough. Maybe your first step is to create a healthy breakfast option for yourself, but you have to do it every day, seven days a week. You are worth committing to a healthy habit, right?

So now, you’ve been eating your healthy breakfast for a couple of weeks, and you’re feeling great. Maybe you’ve even lost a few pounds – fantastic! And this is how it often works: your progress inspires you to do more. So you don’t want to give up your social workplace lunches, but you want to take this a step farther. How about changing your dinners to be healthy? Even if you want to have one “bad” night, 6 out of 7 is wonderful!

You see where this is going? It all snowballs! Eventually, you might start choosing healthier options off of the menu when you go out for work lunches. When you start to see success, you just wanna see more!

I’m not saying it will all come easily. Yes, temptations are everywhere. But rather than going cold-turkey, this is a great way to ease your body, mind, and social schedule into a healthier eating lifestyle.

I’ve had this approach work wonders for me! Anyone else want to share their stories?

2 Responses to "The Snowball Effect: Small Commitments Add Up"

At one job I had, we went to lunch pretty much every day. After a while, I started getting just an appetizer. After all, it’s not like I *needed* to eat a full meal (really, how many of us *need* to eat a full lunch?), I just was out of habit. With the appetizer, I was still getting something enjoyable and delicious out of it, and still having the full social involvement, yet eating a lot less.

Added bonus of not spending so much money when you get just the appetizer, too! 🙂

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