You Can Get Fit!

Strollin’ The Office

Posted on: September 7, 2010

(Did you guys enjoy the holiday? This blog did!)

As a society, we’ve become more and more email-reliant. American obesity is on the rise. Coincidence?

I say, take small steps to fight back! How often do you get up during the workday and actually walk around? (Believe me, it actually feels great to get away from the computer, both mentally and physically.) You might say, “No biggie, I’m just going 100 feet down the hall,” but it’s our little habits that add up to big changes!

Do you work in an office building with multiple floors? Try taking the stairs sometimes. After a while, it’ll become a habit, and the stairs will become second-nature.

Are there multiple restrooms in your office? If you have the time, why not walk to a more distant one now and then? (You’ll also have people wondering about you. 😉 )

And—probably most important in my book—if you need to chat with a coworker, put down that keyboard and actually physically go to them and chat. The benefits here are twofold. First, you’ll get some movement into your day. Second, I feel that most conversations are so much more effective when handled face-to-face. You burn a few calories, and you improve office morale at the same time!

Besides, I know that if I get up for a short walk even once every hour or two, I feel so much more refreshed and cheerful than if I’m stuck in a chair in front of a computer the entire day. I know which version of me I’d want to work with…

And you’ll become that perpetually-cheerful coworker who never fails to put a smile (or smirk) on everyone’s face!

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