You Can Get Fit!

A Love Affair

Posted on: September 28, 2010

I am in love with Joe.

Perhaps you are, too. It’s all right; I’m willing to share him. He is dark and liquid, and perhaps you take him with cream and sugar. All I know is that he really gets my mornings (and afternoons… and evenings…) jump-started.

And the best thing about Joe – or other caffeine sources – is that studies have shown that as long as you don’t consume it too excessively, caffeine can actually enhance your workout performance! Now, that’s great news! Caffeine decreases our perceived exertion, and it makes higher-intensity work feel easier.

Unfortunately for those of us who are regular users, these effects are not as pronounced if you drink at least 2-3 cups of coffee per day, or a 6-pack of Coke every day. If you drink less frequently, you will reap more stimulatory rewards.

Infrequent consumers will also be at less risk of high blood pressure, jitteriness, sleep deprivation, and the dreaded caffeine withdrawal symptoms. We’ve all had a coworker who decides to quit their coffee cold-turkey, right? (Yikes! Seriously, don’t be that person.) They’re irritable, headachy, tired, grumpy, and often restart their coffee habit in a matter of days.

So there you have it—a vice that is beneficial! Whoda thunk? (I’m even so addicted that I posted a coffee smoothie recipe a few days ago! Ha!)

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