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Snacking Allowed Here!

Posted on: October 5, 2010

It’s a confusing world out there for those of us trying to lose weight. First, we read that grazing on food throughout the day is the best thing to do. Then, someone else negates that, telling us that we should limit ourselves to three meals a day. And yet again, there’s the idea of five “mini-meals”. Which one is right?

As with anything, I’m afraid the answer comes down to figuring out what works the best for you. If you do eat more frequently, though, make sure each meal contains fewer calories. So easy to let huge amounts creep up on us!

So, don’t feel secretive about your mid-day snacks if that’s the healthy-eating strategy that’s working best for you! However, it’s best to pause before you mindlessly shove our hand into your cube neighbor’s candy bowl. How can we snack successfully?

Talk to yourself.
Before you grab a snack, check in with yourself. Are you truly hungry? If you are, it’s OK—get something to eat! Otherwise, you may just be bored or thirsty. Does a glass of water help? Sometimes for me, I just want something flavored, and I drink a cup of tea as a calorie-free snack. If you can get away from your desk or house as a change of scenery, better yet.

Be armed. Preparation is the first key to success! Keep small, healthy snacks around your office and home before you get hungry. That way, when you’re famished, you won’t reach for low-hanging candy bars.

Divide and conquer. You can create your own “single serving” packs of some of your favorite snacks just by buying a bulk-sized container of the snack and some zip-top bags. You can use the nutrition information on the packaging to decide how big a “serving” is for you. This way, you aren’t so tempted to eat the whole bag.

Nature’s “single serving”. Fruits and vegetables are a great snack, and they don’t have any added preservatives. Plus, they contain fiber, which fills us up.

I’ll share some of my favorite snacks in a later post, but I’d love to hear some of yours here, or snacking strategies to get you through the day!

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