You Can Get Fit!

Sunday Superrificness! (Bimonthly Wrapup)

Posted on: October 17, 2010

Since I got good feedback before on this format, why not continue onward? Twice a month, I’ll be bringing you a few recent links that I found and liked, with content relevant to You Can Get Fit. I’m always happy to read your links, too—bring ‘em on if you got ‘em!

Passport to Prana If you live in one of nine major cities, yoga studios participating in Passport to Prana allow you one class each with the purchase of a card. Here in Seattle, over 20 studios are participating, and the card costs $30. What a great deal on a studio class–just over a dollar per class!

Angela of Green Monster Movement shares recipes and inspiration for healthy, tasty (yes!) drinks and smoothies containing leafy greens. (I love putting spinach in my smoothies!)

Chris Guillebeau is a lifestyle blogger, world traveler, and a thousand times the writer that I am. I relate to his post, Ever Feel like Giving Up? , on so many levels. Every time I read it, it’s brand-new to me.

Karen at the Accidental Seeker talks about the losses we experience in life, and how we may be able to reframe them as gains.

Go and enjoy the week! See you soon!

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