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Fueling Your Morning Workout

Posted on: November 22, 2010

Hey, since you all are gearing up for your turkey trot, I figured I’d give a few words of advice on what to eat on race morning—or any morning you’re going out for a long run, hike, bike ride, or tough workout.

(How’s the training been for that 5K, by the way? Our turkey trots are going to be very white here in Seattle…)

While there’s a little bit of personal preference when it comes to pre-workout grub, I think most of us agree that you should eat no sooner than 2 hours before a tough workout, unless it’s a light, quick snack. You don’t want tummy troubles during the last push of your race. Many nutritionists (and budding RD’s, like me) suggest a small breakfast consisting of easily digestible carbs, plus a bit of fat and protein (for staying power—otherwise, you’ll burn right through the carbs and be hungry an hour later).

What are some ideas? My favorite pre-workout munch is a piece of fruit (carb) plus a little peanut butter or some nuts (fat and protein). Oh, and don’t forget the coffee! Never! Lots of good nutrients going on in that combination, and eating the nuts satiates you. Another combination might involve some lowfat yogurt (fat and protein and carbs) with some fruit. Just make sure you don’t go too heavy on the fiber, or else……. do I even have to say what’ll happen?

That brings up another point: if you’re running/walking/biking a race, try out your breakfast before the big day. That way, if your stomach balks, worst case, you bail on a training run—no big deal. I had a running coach tell me years ago: No New Is Good New! And this is another reason to eat 2 hours prior to working out: it gives your large intestine time to… well… move, if need be.

So, go do it, and best of luck on your turkey day runs (for those in the US)! I’d love to hear other people’s ideas for favorite pre-workout meals—bring ‘em!

(note that I’m adding a “bad jokes” tag. Beware!!!)

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