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Party On: Holiday Survival Guide

Posted on: December 7, 2010

Every year, same old, same old holiday bloat after weeks of goodies, between office parties, gatherings with friends, and gorge-fests with family. But this year, I’m here to help. Do not fear the holiday party! We can make it through without too much damage.

First of all, my top priority when it comes to gatherings is to enjoy myself. And however you define that for yourself—do have fun! Because what’s the point of being there if it just feels like torture?

Here are a few tips that I like to use to help me get through Holiday Party Season without the scale taking too much notice:

  • Never go to a party ravenous. If it’s an evening party, I make sure I’ve eaten sufficient healthy (and perhaps lower-calorie) food throughout the day. And before I go, I have a little something so that I don’t scarf everything down that I see. Same goes for lunch parties: eat a little something first.
  • Distract yourself with conversation. It’s hard to eat and talk at the same time (or, at least, it’s pretty darn rude)! So, I generally pick up a few small nibbles that look really good, and join in a conversation for a while. That keeps my stomach and taste buds distracted. Wow them with your conversational skills!
  • Alcohol distorts your appetite. Always remember that even a little alcohol will generally make you pig out, even when you don’t plan to Luckily, I’m not big on booze, so unless it’s something I really want to try, I don’t drink at all. Keep this in mind choosing how many drinks to have—you may end up eating far more than expected.
  • Take small portions the first time around, and only take seconds of those you really liked. This is a tough one for me, as obvious as it sounds! Seems silly to take more of something you thought was only “okay”, yet how many of us do it? (raising hand)
  • Most of all, if you have a bad night at a party and break all of the above… don’t worry. It happens. Remember the top priority? This means that you were enjoying yourself, right? (Ideally, aim to enjoy yourself in moderation, but remember that we only live once!)

    If I’ve missed any other healthy party tips—I’d love to hear them in the comments below! Have a good rest of the week.

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