You Can Get Fit!


Posted on: December 19, 2010

A quick, yet timely, post during the holiday season. I hope all of you are holding up! 🙂

During the holidays, no matter what you do, it’s easily to get sucked up in the franticness, the food, the glitter, the calories, the alcohol… you know what I mean. And that all leads to—weight gain, feeling bloated for weeks on end, irritability, crankiness—wow, it’s no wonder so many people don’t like the holidays!

My suggestion is this: open up your mind’s eye, your mind’s ear. Take just a brief 5 minute pause each day and listen to your body’s own rhythm. What do you need? Before you mindlessly shove a cookie down your gullet, do you truly want it? Is there a chance that you could even sneak away for a calming 10-minute walk around the neighborhood? (Believe me, during this season, even ten minutes works wonders. It is not “wasted time”!)

Before you toss your glass of eggnog in my face, I’m not telling you not to enjoy your favorite treats! Far be it from me to say that, as I do the same. But, pause for a moment at the treat trays, and be selective. At the work parties, are Bob’s brownies to die for? Take two—I would! But if you know that Susie’s sugar cookies are sub-par, unless you’re about to have a blood glucose crisis, why not tell yourself that you can do without them this year, and confidently walk away.

Listen to what your body is telling you. It craves the yummy, high-quality goodies, so grab just a few of ‘em while they’re around! (but not the whole tray.) Same goes for those elusive moments of relaxation or exercise. Do take the time!

Because, you know what? Your body is pretty darn smart.

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