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Hello, 2011! Whatcha Gonna Do?

Posted on: January 2, 2011

It’s the New Year! Out with the old, in with the NEW! That means you have a list of goals for yourself, right?

Hm, maybe not? Didn’t work so well last year? Since I want 2011 to be the year that we all reach our goals, here’s some advice to help us out.

  • Set specific goals. It’s easier to keep track of whether or not you achieve them. Rather than vaguely saying “eat healthier”, why not say “I’m going to eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day”.
  • Along these same lines, make your goals measureable ones, or the same reason. Maybe you set your fruit and veggie goal 5 days a week. (You may find yourself naturally eating well the other two days, out of habit!) If you can’t measure your goal, how do you know how well you’re doing? How do you measure “eating better”? If you can’t measure it, it’s so easy to backslide.
  • Make sure your goal is realistic for you to achieve. If you absolutely abhor vegetables in all forms, perhaps a goal of 5 vegetable servings a day won’t work out today. But, maybe aim to try one vegetable serving 5 days a week. Then, after two weeks, you can add in a second vegetable serving. And so on. You get the idea!

What if you’re already the king (or queen) of produce? How about some other ideas of specific/measureable/realistic goals?

  • Trying one new healthy recipe each week or month?
  • Eating a goal number of fiber grams per day?
  • If you love geeky apps, keeping track/staying below a certain % saturated fat intake?
  • Trying a new fitness class at the gym each month?
  • Keep it healthy, safe, and fun! I try not to use pounds on the scale as a goal, because inevitably, I end up with an uncontrolled setback and mentally beat myself up. I like non-weight-related goals.

    What are your healthy goals in 2011? Comment below! I’m getting us back on the 1 healthy recipe a week bandwagon! More exciting material for Recipe Fridays!

    Happy New Year, everyone!!

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