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The Calendar Day That Doesn’t Exist

Posted on: March 29, 2011

which day are we talkin' 'bout?
Are you staring at your calendar right now, racking your brain, trying to figure out what day I’m talking about?

This nonexistent day falls on the nonexistent calendar somewhere between “I’ll get to it” and “never”… that day is called SOMEDAY.

We’re all guilty of it, and I am, too. I’ll reorganize my business files someday. I’ll make my own strawberry jam someday. Heck, it’s not like we can do everything there is to do in life.

Yet, properly nourishing our body and soul so often gets relegated to a somedayand without these, who are we?

Find time for a few of these somedays a week, the ones that make you feel great: a nice workout, a healthy meal, dancing like no one is watching (great cardio, too!), a long chat with a friend… all of the above! Our body and mind routinely need this kind of supplementation, yet so many of us claim we’re “too busy” to take care of ourselves. This saddens me, since eventually, “someday” will catch up with us all…

So, are you all going to join me in relinquishing the “someday” label for more obscure goals, such as “mastering the Crazy Train guitar solo”? (Unless, of course, you’re a pro guitar player.) How are you nourishing your body and soul this week? (I’m really focusing on at least 5 fruits and veggies each day!) Let’s do it, people!

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