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Sunday Roll Call!

Posted on: April 24, 2011

Happy dyed eggs and bunny ears!

Time for the twice-monthly list of interesting posts and articles I’ve found on the web… all helping YOU get fit physically and mentally!

Fellow Pilates instructor Karin Singleton talks about maintaining a strong foundation in your body even if you’re working out other parts of your body. One of my favorite Pilates metaphors: if the trunk isn’t strong, the branches cannot be supported!

A great post from Melinda’s Fitness Blog on overcoming 10 common workout distractions. We can do it!

I read Janetha’s blog all the time, and this (garbanzo bean turkey bake) is going to be one of the next things I make. It looks so yummy! 🙂

OK, this one isn’t fitness-related, but it’s good for the soul (and the dessert is bite-sized, therefore portion-controlled… kind of…) Have you tried cake balls? They’re like truffles, but with cake inside! Easy to make, too! I made my batch with homemade cake and frosting (because that’s my style) but store-bought works just as well. Great party food! (For spring, you could do a yellow cake with colored white chocolate, flavored with peppermint oil… now I want some!!)

Hope all of you are having a joyous holiday!

4 Responses to "Sunday Roll Call!"

Thanks for the holler! Let me know if you like the recipe 🙂

Of course! Your blog is awesome. 🙂

I have too many leftovers right now, plus my tiny appetite, so I think I’ll get to your recipe roundabouts Christmas. Or… hopefully sooner. I think it’ll go over well–my husband loves meatloaf!

Thanks for the links! I especially like the “10 Common Workout Distractions…” one. I’ve seen those cake balls (and the similar Cake Pops) all over the blogosphere, but I have yet to try making them myself. Those Red Velvet versions look especially delicious! PS. Thank for the comment on my blog. It seems we have similarly indecent minds at time. Haha. 🙂

Hey Lara!

Thanks for stopping by, and for the comment! 🙂 I’ve actually made my own cake balls, and they are YUM!!! I made red velvet with cream cheese frosting, covered in Callebaut white choc, and took them to a Valentine’s Day event. Wow, holy deliciousness!

Mine didn’t come out so pretty, though–I was constantly getting cake crumbs in the coating. I’m thinking it’s because I was keeping the chocolate warm in a double boiler (it was cold in my house!) and it heated my chilled cake balls too much, and the dough started flaking off… oh well, my friends still loved ’em, and I’ve learned for next time! 🙂

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