You Can Get Fit!

Have You Missed Me?

Posted on: July 2, 2011

(well… aim better!)

I know, I know… keep my day job. Friends, I have had little interest in food, exercise, living…. for over a week now, due to The Worst Sinus Infection In Years. After 10 days, I think I’ve finally turned a corner (the overall achiness, fever, etc are gone, and the more peripheral symptoms are all that remain), so I finally have enough energy to post something.

Worst of all, I’ve had no sense of smell or taste for over a week. So that bulgur salad I posted on Tuesday that I love? That was all for you, and just a tease for me. Each day has become more and more torturous, as I keep on wanting to cook, but realize–what’s the point? I’m just eating the bare minimum to maintain nutrition, right now.

Meanwhile, I sit around, feeling like a useless blob trying to rest up, and unfortunately I’m tempted by lovely pictures in food blogs such as this one:

Savannah Buttermint Ice Cream

Nope, it’s not “You Can Get Fit” food, but just maybe I can tweak the milk:cream ratio and maintain the buttery, minty goodness. Looks divine, eh?

And if you probe a little further, the article is promoting the recipe author’s new cookbook, which talks about how to make ice cream at home. When I looked at the site for her ice cream shop, wow–holy flavor inspiration! I really want to try making a bunch of frozen yogurts, now. (Those are healthy!) Lime cardamom! Especially now that we occasionally see temperatures that start with a 7.

Okay, so, here’s to hoping that sometime within the next week, I’ll be able to taste something again!!

Meanwhile, help me with frozen yogurt ideas: what flavor would you like me to try to make?

2 Responses to "Have You Missed Me?"

Hope you feel better soon! I’d like to see your take on the lime cardamom for sure!!! 🙂

Hi, Jennifer!
Thanks for the well-wishes! I’m definitely going to try the lime-cardamom soon–I love cardamom flavor! Come to think of it, I’ve made an ice cream before (more an ice milk) with cardamom and orange zest, based on a recipe from Vegetarian Cooking For Everyone. She has great desserts!
I really want to try the lime, and part of me wants to do it with sweetened condensed milk, but that would be *adding* calories… 😉

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