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Inspiring Future Generations…

Posted on: July 6, 2011

Hey, yo. My brain is running a mile a minute: can you help me catch it?

So I’m a former teacher, long-since been bitten by the “inspire our future leaders” bug. (And I’m still a Pilates instructor, and have mentored a few folks toward fitness career changes over the past year… some things just don’t change.)

But my morning podiatrist’s appointment inspired me further.

If you’re familiar with my story, you know about my childhood struggle with extreme obesity. Recently, I’ve been feeling the long-term effects: it’s been hypothesized that so much weight and so little activity as a child may have contributed to my abnormal hip joints (recently requiring two surgeries), to my abnormally-shaped foot bones and arches, and I learned today that the fat pads in the soles of my feet are leaner than normal… ya think that 80-100 extra pounds during development could’ve stunted the extra cushioning in the bottom of my feet?

No wonder my feet ache when walking around all day, even at a normal weight and in good shoes!

That aside, the media repeatedly tells us of the ills of childhood obesity (diabetes, high blood pressure, etc etc). But even if the child has great intentions and reverses their behavior, there could be long-term musculoskeletal effects.

And this is the message that I’d love to get out to the world.

But I don’t quite know how.

This little ol’ blog isn’t the proper forum. I’d love to talk to schools… and maybe I’ll start there.

So, I guess this is Goal #41 on my “40 by age 40” list… and in my opinion, it’s a pretty darn important one. You think?

4 Responses to "Inspiring Future Generations…"

Find someone who has given talks to students and find out how they arranged it. Maybe try calling up some local schools and making appointments to talk to the principals. See if it is something you can present to families at the public library (talk to the info desk staff). My initial thoughts on specific steps to start with. 🙂

Ah, that first point is a really good idea… it’s all a little scary. Which is why this is a worthy thing to do. Many things worth doing are really, really scary… But I feel strongly about others’ success… let that be the fuel to push beyond the fear!

Childhood obesity and the resulting low self esteem is such a huge concern of mine that I am dedicating my free time to writing a self esteem workbook for kids. I found your post very interesting. It’s one of the effects of childhood obesity that I hadn’t even thought about. It would be great if you could talk to kids at school assemblies, or perhaps in a more intimate setting. Maybe another outlet would be the local hospital. Our local hospital offers classes and lectures to the community. Best wishes on this very important venture of yours.

Brilliant! I have two friends who are in administration at a local hospital. Thanks for the idea!
Of course, I have no concrete evidence–this is just based on my empirical evidence (sample size of one) and an article that my husband found recently to back up the claims about my hip problems… which got me thinking about this in the first place.
I probably need to do a little more research first–correlation is not causation, and all–but it just makes so much sense…

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