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Tuesday Tidbits

Posted on: July 12, 2011

Bleahhhhh. Sometimes, I just have no inspiration, and for no good reason. I just couldn’t think of good things to write about! (That was a lame excuse, if I’ve ever heard one…) The reality is, I thought I was almost done with InfectionMageddon (?? it’s a word, now) but woke up on Friday unable to talk… and that hasn’t changed. Somehow, both my inspiration and voice are gone.

Then, I read Janetha’s post on times when bloggers lack motivation to blog, which justified my not blogging for a while, and I thought, “hey, it’s OK for me to ignore everyone and kick back with my wonderful homemade foods and not share them with the rest of the world.”

But then, I felt guilty and cruel thinking that, so here I am, back. I don’t have a recipe on tap for you today, but I’m HERE.

And I thought I’d share with you a few quirky tidbits I found ’roundabouts the web…

1. Got leftover celery? Use it to make a lovely rose stamp.

2. Keep this inspirational quote in mind every time you’re working out and feeling too slow, too fat, too… whatever.

3. Edible crayons! So pretty!

4. If you like beer more than I do… the health benefits of the moderate consumption of beer.

5. And finally… the strategic plan I like to follow in life. I think it’s for everyone.

Before I sign off: I’d like to mention The Great Fundraising Act. I’ll let you read the posts on your own, but this is an online bake sale for blogger Susan, who I’ve just recently started reading. A minor neck twinge a few weeks ago led her to the doctor, where they discovered lymphoma (and she’s in the hospital for a while). Even if you don’t participate in the fundraiser, stop by her blog, comment, and show your support!

Hey, go out and enjoy summer! We’ll have one… eventually…. I think! I should create an invitation for the sun, or something, eh…

2 Responses to "Tuesday Tidbits"

Haha.. this was a nice way to be here but not really have to say much, right? And don’t feel guilty or cruel.. I totally feel you. Thanks for the mention of #TGFA!

Yep! 🙂 True that. I’ve been unmotivated to write or work on any big projects… (at least I’ve still been working out a lot)
I can’t even imagine what Susan’s going through… it was through your blog that I learned about her. I keep on hoping things are going to be OK for her…

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