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Life can be deceiving, right? People look at my thin(ish) body and figure that I have no problem maintaining my fitness. Yet I was an obese child, lost 100 pounds and was an eating-disordered college and grad student, and flirted with obesity after graduate school again. I think I have regained control of it all, most days. The whole eating-exercise mindgame is frequently a struggle for me.

This is what motivates me to help others. It doesn’t matter who you are, or where you are in your weight loss journey. If you have 100 pounds to lose or if you’ve been fighting the same five pounds forever, my mission is to help you become fit through sensible exercise and healthy foods. And you might be surprised at how much fun you have along the way.

I am here to help. Let me know how.

always at the ready with fitness advice!

Fun Trivia…

I have been to 49 states. I need to go to West Virginia next year to make all 50!

But the only other continent I’ve been to is Europe (however, many countries there!). Need to change that.

I play piano in a swing band that donates its proceeds to the Seattle schools’ music programs.

I lived in California for 30 years before moving to Seattle (and–shh–I’m currently plotting my next move, since I need a change)

I tolerate any music other than twangy country… because my grandfather listened to it a lot when I was growing up. No, he didn’t like it–he liked to make fun of it. 🙂

Choosing a favorite food is like “choosing a favorite child” (if I had kids), but I love eating Thai and Indian food. Exotic flavors without requiring too much heat.

I still can’t go a day without some sort of exercise. It’s hard-wired. I’m not a “hard core exercise addict” like I’ve been in the past–on a busy day, I’m fine with just 20-30 minutes–but I need some sort of movement to feel like ME.

I believe our best ideas are yet to come, and you never know where they can come from–so I’m open and willing to chat with anyone around me! (Hint hint–leave a comment below!)

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