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Ugh. Pressure, sneezing, watery eyes… lots of us are familiar with the first signs of spring. And just when you were getting into your outdoor workout routine for the first time this year, Mother Nature has different plans! Luckily, there are some ways to outsmart her, so we can embrace our walking, running, and hiking.

Drugs Are Good, M’kay?

First, consult with your medical practitioner to see if you’re a candidate for a non-drowsy allergy medication. I remember years ago taking those that would put me to sleep. We don’t have to worry about those side effects anymore!

You Are In Control

Aside from medication considerations, we, as exercisers, can control our environment so that we can still enjoy the sunny outdoors.

Don’t Get Exhausted

For instance, if you live in an urban area, try not to run close to busy streets. You may react to pollutants in the exhaust from cars, as well, and the exhaust may make your allergies worse.

Save It For Later

If you like hiking in parks and on trails, save it for later spring and early summer. Right in the beginning of the season, pollen is the heaviest.

Come Clean

Speaking of pollen, if you are pollen-sensitive, make sure you take a shower right after you work out, because the pollen sticks to your hair. And pollen is most highly concentrated early in the morning, so if you can switch to working out at noontime or in the evening, that’s your best bet.

Walk On Water

If you’re one of the lucky ones who can snag an ocean vacation, or lives near the ocean, pollen counts are lower there. No excuses not to run or walk a few miles on vacation!

Those are my thoughts, as a mild allergy sufferer. I’d love to hear advice from anyone in the trenches!

Oh, and somebody please tell the snow that April Fools’ Day is OVER!!!

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