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OK, kids, time to stir the pot. (Heck, I’ve been bored recuperating from Hip Surgery #2, so I may as well cause trouble somewhere…) I’ve been reading a lot of Michael Pollan, and starting up a small catering business–so nutrition is always in the back of my mind.

So often, we’re led to think that organic produce is better for us, and many of us blindly accept that (and pay the higher prices). Here are some of the yeas and nays that have been rolling around my brain (and I’d love anyone’s comments)…

  • Many of the widely used pesticides in nonorganic (I can’t use “inorganic”–I used to teach organic chemistry, ha!) farming are known to be harmful to human consumption. However, I’ve heard that some studies have shown that only trace amounts of the pesticides pass into our bloodstream? I have to find these papers, and also check out who funds these studies.
  • By treating plants with pesticides, they have less need to develop natural chemical defenses. Apparently some, or all, of these natural defense chemicals are nutritious for us. In this way, non-pesticide-treated produce can be healthier. (How much healthier? 1% healthier? 40% healthier? What’s the return on investment? And again… who funded this study?)
  • My final point in this post–I could go on for a while–is that in terms of nutrients, something grown at a local farm down the street, no matter the farming technique, will contain more nutrients than anything trucked in from Big Farm many miles away, sitting in a truck for days on end, going through who knows how many temperature changes. (And, you get to support local businesses! And small farms are more likely, at least around here, to support healthy farming practices–hooray!)
  • In the end, I’d love to find the junction between supporting local business, eating healthy, and spending the least amount of money… until then, I’m trying to seek out the least biased reports.

    I’ll be back in a few days with a tasty recipe!

    Conspiracy Theorist 🙂

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