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Happy Sunnnnnnday! What’s going on?

(I see you, lying there on the couch in your pajamas, trying to muster the motivation to do anything other than hit the button on the remote. And I’m not saying that I don’t have many, many days like that–I’m human, too!)

feeling laaazzzy

So if you’ve hit a Sunday–or any other day–where you’re having a case of the blahs but really want to do a little bit of good for yourself… what to do?

In no particular order…

  • Get outside. Sometimes, just getting some Vitamin D on the skin and feeling the sun’s rays (yeah…. I live in Seattle… we feel rays of overcast) is enough to perk us up. Don’t commit to going for a “30 minute walk” when you set out–just go outside and start walking with no time goal, and see what happens. You may surprise yourself. 🙂
  • Bottoms up. Dehydration can cause fatigue–have you been getting enough water? Often, just a few glasses of water can perk us up.
  • What if it’s icky outside? Yeah, I’ve heard this one a lot. No excuses–we have our ways around this! There are plenty of great online options for gentle, energizing exercise:
    • My favorite is Pilates Anytime, with videos from 10 to 75 minutes long taught at a variety of levels. The instruction is top-notch.
    • Yoga Journal has a 21-Day Challenge consisting of a daily yoga practice of varying length and focus (morning practice, challenging vinyasa flow, shoulder openers, etc etc). You can repeat days in the challenge as many times as you want.
    • And I posted on this a few weeks back, but for a quick pick-me-up, Amber at Epic Self has a 3-minute video involving breath and core muscles to immediately boost our energy. It only takes 3 minutes, folks!

So if you’ve hit a slump, I hope these ideas get you going again! And if you go for your walk or your 3-minute posture break… and you still feel ICK… remember: these times will pass! You will feel like a ROCKSTAR in due time!

What do you guys do when your body feels in a slump? How do you get going again?

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