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It’s the weekend, y’all! How ya doin’?

I’d meant to post this yesterday, but all good intentions went out the window when my dental work took longer than usual, and our favorite frozen custard place was featuring one of our favorite flavors, so we had to stop by… 😉

Anyway, I’m here now, to share with you a two-ingredient (well, three, if you want) recipe. I’ve made homemade pasta before, but it’s been a while. I made it this past week because we have one of those “pasta makers” to help you roll out the dough, and we’re trying to figure out if it’s worth keeping in Operation Clear Out Extra Stuff. (Jury is still out on this one.)

I got the recipe and technique from a book called Ratio by Michael Ruhlman. The premise behind the book is that there are basic, simple ratios of ingredients used to make most dishes, and understanding the ratios and the cooking techniques (on which he goes into detail) simplifies a lot of the cooking world. He then gives many variations on each theme. It’s a great book for a food science geek!

So, here’s the basic recipe:

(he doesn’t give a yield, but it’s enough for 3 generous servings)
1/1 2 c all purpose flour
3 eggs
(dash salt, for flavor, if desired)

Put the flour (and salt if desired) into a large mixing bowl, and create a well. Crack the three eggs into the well.

flour + eggs

Stir the flour and eggs together using your hands (hopefully you removed any rings, first!). When it becomes a fully-mixed dough, bring it out onto a floured surface (board or countertop) and knead it, pressing it with the heel of your hand, folding it over and pressing it (repeating over and over), until velvety smooth. This will take 5-10 minutes.


When you’re finished kneading, form the dough into a disk, wrap it in plastic wrap, and let it rest for at least 10 minutes and up to an hour. (The dough can also be refrigerated for up to 24 hours.)

finished kneading!

My dough above is much smoother–a little hard to tell, since it’s in plastic wrap.

Now, for the rolling! If you don’t have a fancy pasta contraption, it’s fine to use a rolling pin. (In fact, I’m going to make another batch with a rolling pin in the coming weeks, to see if it’s worth keeping the fancy machine.) Start out by cutting your dough disk into 4 equal parts–if you don’t, the size will be difficult to deal with! If you have a machine, go ahead and follow the instructions. If not, take 1/4 if your original dough ball and start rolling! Light pressure initially to get things started, and then, roll to your desired thinness. Keep in mind the shape of your final noodle when you’re rolling.

rolling through the pasta machine

The lighting was terrible in my rolling picture, but hopefully you get the idea.

Once you’ve rolled (adding additional flour along the way as needed–I needed a lot), slice your noodles! Or not, if you want to make lasagna! 🙂 (I experimented with a few batches and found slicing to be easier if I let the dough dry for about 15 minutes first.) Choose your length, choose your width! Probably won’t be getting angel hair pasta if cutting by hand, but I promise you–this stuff tastes heavenly!!!

If you’re ready to cook it up, start a big pot of boiling water (I always like to cook my pasta in a big pot, to give it room to move around). When it boils, add YOUR fresh pasta! Yes, you made it, so YOU should be proud! It only takes a few minutes to cook–mine turned lighter in color and floated somewhat.

cooking pasta, homemade tomato sauce

My homemade sauce waited in the background while my noodles cooked.

the final product!

I served my homemade noodles with a simple homemade tomato sauce (sauteed onions, crushed San Marzano tomatoes). Truly, however, the sauce may have overpowered the lovely flavor of the noodles, and I could’ve gotten away with a simple butter and herb sauce. Next time!

I encourage you to try this, the next time you’re feeling adventurous in the kitchen! It’s doable for anyone, the kneading is a great upper body workout, you know how to pronounce all of the ingredients in the dish, and best of all–it’s DELICIOUS! 🙂

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